Australian Contemporary Art

Written by Naomi

On September 18, 2021
Australian Contemporary Art

My miniature series

I wanted to come up with a series of Australian contemporary art that would be affordable and available for people at home… And I love what I have achieved.

Inspired by a conversation with a design colleague of mine she challenged me to do miniature Australian contemporary art pieces.

The smallest is just 15 cm square, and they are rich with colour, movement and excitement. There are a few that I have done that are just a 20 cms square.

Some are designed to sit on a bench and be used as a replacement for flowers or another contemporary art piece. They can sit on a shelf or table as a series or they can be hung in the oddest places including bathrooms, hallways, and kitchens. So that there is a splash of colour in any part of your life space.

In addition, I have been working with an Australian contemporary designer to create a boxed framing system that brings these small artworks to life. They sit in frames that can be hung or sit on a desk or cabinet. This is such a wonderful way to have an original artwork in your home, support local business, a local artist and it will bring you an incredible amount of joy.

The frames come with an acid-free mat that takes a 10×8” (254mm x 203mm) image size or occasionally I will produce a piece that is square which is a 13×13″ (333mm x 333mm) image.

The Australian contemporary art piece is framed with a 20mm depth from glass to board giving it an extra dimension.

Miniature size

  • External height: 355mm
  • External width: 355mm
  • External depth: 40mm

Here is a selection of these small artworks, each an original painted in my studio in the inner west of Sydney. If you would like to start collecting or just need a splash of colour may I suggest that you select one of these Australian contemporary art pieces to enrich your space.

Examples of miniatures


A few of the miniature series

Meaning of Colour Red

Australian Art featuring Red. Red is the colour of passion, spice and drama. It is hot, alluring and seductive. But it is also the colour of childhood delight a simple primary colour that is rich and warm. One fo my favourite films as a child is of  the French child's...

Meaning of Colour Pink

Abstract Australian Art in Pink Perhaps to be pretty is to be ‘happy’, or at least joyful. Having a sunny disposition, a positivity outlook and being content may well in fact create ‘prettiness’. "I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner....

Meaning of Colour Orange

While some say that orange paintings ‘are just too much’, I believe it is about bringing the outback into any space. To remind ourselves of the vastness of the Australian continent island. The red dirt of the desert is like a vast vista of pigment itself. “The moon is...

Nothing Mellow about Yellow

Brilliant Australian Artworks Yellow, how I love you. Always have always will. Oh, my favourite colour has always been yellow. Since I was a little girl it represented to me joy, laughter, play, flowers, everything that was beautiful in the world for me came from...

Green is growth

Living in green. "Green how I want you green. Green wind. Green branches."Federico García Lorca, Spanish poet and playwright, 1898–1936 The green planet, the blue planet, green, wherever we see the gardens, the outdoors, the bush, the rainforest… Green equates to...

Blue is life

Contemporary Art - Blue Indigo, navy, or cobalt – no matter what shade of blue it always inspires. Blue is the basis of so many of my contemporary artworks. Inspired by water, sky, oceans, and rivers. Let the blue sky meet the blue sea and all is blue for a time....

Passion project in purple

Contemporary Art - Purple Contrasting purple or should I say violet which is it’s name as it appears in the colour spectrum. "Violet has the shortest wavelength of the spectrum. Behind it, the invisible ultraviolet. Roses are Red, Violets are Blue. Poor violet,...

Nothing basic about black

Contemporary Art - Black Black. I rarely use black in my artwork however I have found some exciting paintings when I black as the canvas gesso. Building the colour, stroke by stroke until the painting emerges. Black is so final, or unforgiving so I am very respectful...

Grey makes colour exciting

Grey is a colour to contrast “The color of truth is grey” Andre Gide, French author and winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, 1869-1951 Grey is not a colour that I use often in my pallet, it usually has some other tones, whether that be green or blue, but pure...

White is the colour of life

Contemporary Art - White "If colours were people, it, white, would be admired, but it probably wouldn't be popular. It is just a little too exclusive, autocratic and neurotic," Kassia St. Clair, author of The Secret Lives of Colours 2016.  The subject of constant...

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