Naomi Simson, the Artist.

I’m deeply curious and love paint, colour and texture. My art is all inspired by the richness of what I see around me, the light, movement and energy of my surroundings.

I’ve painted for decades – developing a distinct painting style. I hear the rhythm as I listen to the earth and water around me – this is reflected in my works

Originally I had seen myself high school and becoming an artist, however I was encouraged to have a career in business, yet I continued to paint. It has always been my escape, my joy and an outlet for my creativity.

With more time in the studio in the past few years I have held a number of showings and taken some commissions. Each delivered to the size and colour range requested. I am referred by a number of interior designers to assist them bring colour, life and vibrancy to a space.

I seek to discover the essence and brilliance each day. Whether it is the harbour, the parks, the streets or the gardens. My work is taken from what I see in any given day and some from places I have travelled to. My paintings tell a story, I see something and I re imagines it. Light and colour dance.

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Naomi Simson
Water Spirit #98
Naomi Simson
Naomi Simson

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Sydney NSW Australia



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