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Colour is integral to life. We add colour to our, homes, rooms and to our workspaces to bring vibrancy and energy to a space.

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Paintings in Belgian Linen
August 2022

I love including my clients in the process of creation. It is fun and interesting to specify the size, show me images of the room where it is to be hung and then to give me an idea of the colour palette. I will take photos of the different stages of the paintings development. It will be an experience…

After viewing Naomi’s paintings at a recent showing, I asked if I could commission her to paint a couple of pieces for me, as I had a particular requirement for a range of colours and size. I was excited when she shared the progress of the works with me, it made me feel even more connected with these amazing paintings, seeing them transform from a blank canvas to the finished works. Naomi invited me to visit her to view the works before I had them shipped to me in Melbourne. They say a picture paints a thousand words….the photo of myself standing in front of my paintings when I saw them for the first time , shows how happy and excited to see them. They are perfect and look amazing in my house and every day I am reminded of how truly wonderful this process was.

Fiona H

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Art for Sale

If you know me, you would know that I have a passion for colour. Australia is such a colourful country of contrast which inspires me to capture its vastness and variety. My contemporary art is designed to transform a rooms energy. 

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