Australian Bush Art

Contemporary Australian landscape

As a child our family would go to different parts of Australia and to understand this country, we would go on long bush walks. When I too became a parent, I thought there was no better way to appreciate the uniqueness of this island than to immerse my own children in the same experience. The very first time I painted on canvas (more than forty years ago) it was of the bush. The light and air, the sounds and the subtle colours continue to fascinate me. I have spent much time in the highlands and in rainforests. The uniqueness keeps me curious and exploring – every bushwalk is different.

Year after year I have sought to reproduce the mystery of the bush. The depth of the colours, the light and the moisture all mean that they are never static. I try to find the tiny pixels of colour that when we take a step back create a complete picture. I seek to represent the vastness and variety of this big continent. There is endless diversity of colours, textures and shapes. When I paint it is as if I am deep in the Australian bush, hearing the sounds, smelling the flora, and navigating forward. When you have one of my bush art paintings in your home (or office) you will be constantly reminded of the great outdoors.


Online Exhibition of Australian Bush contemporary art

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