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I might be walking the dog, or commuting to my workplace and something stops me, I grab my phone and capture the oddest things. Petals on wet bitumen, weeds bursting through concrete, or branches devoid of their leaves. I see nature bringing the greyness of the city to life. Light and colour in the city and suburbs inspire me. I look to see things; I am truly present and notice everything around me. I wonder what they would look like in paint.

I have produced a series of paintings inspired by leaves on the road after a rainstorm. Contemporary art which could come from the water glistening, the vivid colours, the contrast of light and I wonder, explore, and create in my studio. It takes me weeks to build up the layers of colour to get the complexity of nature. Always starting with a gesso (often a coloured gesso) on Belgian linen. The colours are subtle and have tonal variation. Then I might add a layer of oil pastels to give it in intricacy that is somehow inviting. There will be both a metallic and dusty pink somewhere in each of my works. As if there is more to discover and see. Most of my works have many layers in building the depth of illusion. In different light, with a different mood, at a different angle you might see a different story. Having one of my urban paintings in your space will provide that spark of joy, interest and curiosity from which it was produced

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