Colour in contemporary art

Written by Naomi

On August 1, 2021


Colour essentials

Colour is integral to life. We add colour to our, homes, rooms and to our workspaces to bring vibrancy and energy to a space. Colour can evoke many emotions, feelings, and senses, it is
the essence of humanness to appreciate the subtlety of colour. Australian art has a magnificent history in the use of colour.

“Colours should be understood as subjective cultural creations. You could no more meaningfully secure a precise universal definition for all the known shades, than you could
plot the coordinates of a dream,”
Kassia St. Clair, author of The Secret Lives of Colour 2016.

Colour is central to the human experience. At a subliminal level, colour defines the way we perceive the world and the way we feel. Colour is innate to artistic practice, and it has the power to evoke visceral responses. Artists have experimented with colour since the first pigments were extracted out of the earth.

The manufacturing of colours and their natural and synthetic make-up, be it in artist pigments, ceramics glazes or textile designs have evolved over time, but the fundamental emotive power of colour remains. It resonates with our senses
visually, intellectually and emotionally. It creates how we feel.

I have always been fascinated by the sprectrum and subtle hues that I could create with the
simplest of primary colours. As I young child I would plead with my mother to have a
painting day. I would look forward to rainy days as I knew that I had a better chance of mum
getting out the water colours. I would mix the paints endlessly, grinding hard to maximise the
boldness of what I could create. I explored and experimented lost in the luscious tones of the
very simply child’s palette

Contemporary colours that we now have access to and the sheer quantity of amazing variants
which are easily accessible makes painting so enriching. Watching and felling how the paints
choose themselves, how they bring each canvas to life.

As a got a little older I went from having 10 basic child’s colours to saving my ‘pocket
money’ for a set of 72 Derwent pencils. I still have the magenta box, in not quite pristine
condition, holding each ready for exploration. My pencils, oil pastels and paints are never out
of my reach. Ready to play and discover new ideas and variations.

I feel fortunate to being the best quality acrylic paints on the most exquisite Belgian canvas.
A luxury that for many years I just could not afford. Every painting uses the finest elements.
An investment in the future integrity of the colour so that they last well beyond a life time.

The paintings for sale are produced with the highest quality materials:
 Belle Arti Universal Primed Belgian Linen
 Framed in Australian Oak
 Prepared with Matisse Gesso
 Matisse Acrylic Paint


Australian paintings for sale


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