Australian Outback Art

The Red Centre

The vast desert and endless red of Australia is very much a part of my contemporary approach to art. I feel fortunate to have sat in the desert with our first people and local communities to learn and discover a different way to look at the natural beauty of Australia. I have sought to understand different ways to use my brush to represent the transient nature of the desert sands. I have sought contrasting hues to show the subtle differences of what could appear like a sameness going on to the horizon.

My outback influence has come from the wonderful experiences of traveling to the heart of Australia many times. My first trips were as a child – and I will never forget the vivid colour of the red dust. Over the years I have returned many times to different regions throughout the country. It is a unique and incredibly vivid land. It is so enticing. And as the sun moves across the sky the colours change. For many years I have created a collection inspired by my trips – and occasionally I have painted with the elders of our First People communities. To have one of my outback paintings in any space is to be reminded of the precious nature of our environment.

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