Ocean and Water Art


I’m a Piscean and am fascinated with water. How it can be deep and dark, or shimmer and reflective. Any aspect of water builds my curiosity on how to represent it. I seek different views, from the shoreline, from a boat and also from above. I have very much been inspired by drone photography. It has given us a different view to the world. And the beach and sea have such alluring qualities.

Some of my first experiments with paint on canvas was exploring where land meets water. Looking at the edge of the country and how it seeps into the ocean which connects us to the rest of the planet. The beauty of the light dancing on the surface, whilst deep below the darkness of the unknown adds a certain mysterious element to each of my paintings. The frivolity of the beach, versus the dangers that the sea can represent. Storms, sunshine, wind, and every natural element makes every painting a new adventure in discovery. Our oceans are so very fragile and when you bring the vividness of one of my water paintings to your home it is a constant reminder of both the importance and joy that water is to humans.

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