Written by Naomi

On August 20, 2021
local artist paintings for sale

Support for Local Artists

The art community has been hard hit by the ongoing lockdowns in various states and at various times throughout Australia. Yet we know that DIY and home renovation is in growth as people spend more time at home, and have time to appreciate all things local. 

Located in Sydney Australia I have been painting for years and I have used this lock down time to create a series of artworks to brighten any room. They are relatively small, and can be used to sit on a shelf or mantel piece. These local art pieces are like having a never ending bunch of flowers. Vibrant colours that will give joy and positivity to any interior space.

I join other local artists of inner-city Sydney, we paint and produce our works in Balmain and these small works can be shipped to anywhere in Australia. We are encouraging people to buy local and support the local art community.

For other local artists here is a list from our Balmain Sydney community.

I enjoy being part of this vibrant art community.

Since I was a small child, I have loved colour and particularly painting. In fact, before heading into a career in business I had dreamt of being an artist. I have continued to paint. If you have something other than the works you see below in mind then contact me and I can see what I have in the studio that might fit your brief or you could have one commissioned for your specific needs. Use the contact tab to touch base.

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