Spray series – 210 x 297mm

Seaspray paintings


The vivid colour of the seaside and the moment that the sand lifts up and becomes part the the air causing seaspray. These miniatures are inspired by the sparkle and endless foam and movement of water. I have created these to either be separate or to stay together. But they can be rested on a shelf or table (or hung) but they provide a never ending flash of colour inside.


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Set of three

  • Canvas: 210 x 297
  • Box Framed 300 x300 x 20mm
  •  Medium
    • Canvas sheet
    • Corban & Blair boxed frame
    • Prepared with Matisse Gesso
    • Matisse Acrylic Paint
  • Delivery and Insurance by arrangement

Additional information

Weight 390 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 10 cm