Outback Spring – 460 x 460mm

Outback Spring


Painted in Sydney NSW during the ‘stay at home’ period of early 2020. This painting was inspired from a trip to central Australia. Flying over the vastness of the red earth, that is central Australia I could see tiny specs of colour that made the earth sparkle. The colours look similar – but as the light skips across the earth the beauty comes alive. I found it captivating and alluring. The painting was done in my studio in urban Sydney.

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  • Canvas: 400x400x40mm
  • Frame: 460x460x60mm
  • Medium
    • Acrylic Paint
    • Oil Pastel
    • Stretched Canvas
    • White Shadow Frame
  • Ships from Sydney

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 500 × 500 × 10 cm