After the rain – 540 x 540mm

After the rain


Painted in Sydney NSW during the ‘stay at home’ period of early 2020. I would walk in our local parks several times a day. As autumn came it the colours are particularly brilliant after the rain. The intention was to capture the fleeting nature of the fallen petals. There are hidden gems in the contrast of the colour… and the sun makes the petals almost translucent.

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  • Canvas: 500x500x40mm
  • Frame: 540x540x60mm
  • Medium
    • Belle Arti Universal Primed Belgian Linen
    • Framed in Australian Oak
    • Prepared with Matisse Gesso
    • Matisse Acrylic Paint
  • Ships from Sydney

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 600 × 600 × 10 cm